Your Journey

Graceful Awakenings


Beginning Meditation 1-  Awareness and Healing

Meditation 2 - Healing and Guides

Spiritual Universe-  Clairvoyant training for awareness and healing, finding and walking on your path

Chakras- Learn about chakras and healing them

Male Awareness - Meditations for spirits in a male body

Kundalini- Personal life force

Astral- The spirit levels outside the body

Lotus - Opening and owning your crown for Teachers, leaders, parents, anyone ready for a step in seniority 

Trance Mediumship - Those learning to choose to allow a spirit to come through them or to tell them no

One to One-   Developing that relationship with your source

Hands on Healing - Laying of hands and channeled energies for spiritual healing

Male/ Female Communication - Developing your ability to communicate with the opposite sex

Relationship Class - Spruce up your relationship space




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