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requesting your healing using your email or the contact form on this site.

 Healing is sent each Thursday and various other times of the week.  

You can simply go about your life and know you have received or pick a time to be quiet and receive for 30 min.  Anytime, any day works.

Bed Time is good.

Just say "REIKI✺NOW" to begin your session or "GO".  

Really, you simply need to intend for it to begin.  At that moment it will begin.


 "I now ask to receive the healing, as sent to me by Paul.

I ask that the Source, The Archangels, Ascended Masters, All Beings of Light, My Guardian

Angel and my Guides help me receive this healing for the highest good.

Once the healing is completed, I ask that all links between Paul and myself be broken.

Thank You !"


Try saying"Reiki Now" Just let the flow of Universal Life Force come!Say "Reiki Now" to start

the flow to you, your plants, animals, situation, where ever you want it to go.

In 30 min it will stop. Easy !




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