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Reiki Share Jul 20 & Aug 17  2019   

Saturday, July 13, 2019            
Saturday, Aug 10, 2019            

Clairvoyant Psychic Reading Clinic

BPI, Psychic Horizons, etc, style line, rose reading set up for those so trained. There is a chance to free form depending on the clinic. Get ready to run your energy, blow pictures and find your spiritual freedom. About one hour and 15 min. Set up, read, clean out. Readees will be picked from the group. The line, center chair, control, house control will be positions filled as well. There can be up to 9 readings with 5 people in each. Fun Fun Fun I'm trying to get it running once a month or so. The time is Eastern, convert to your time zone. I'll give the # and code as you make a reservation.

Reiki Oasis Clinic 

Distant Reiki Circle via Phone or internet. Check the Calendar.  Once a month, one to 1 1/2 hour, varying focus. Open to First to third or any level Reiki Channel. One person will be a channel to support the healers. The healers will heal one healee. There will be one receiver, healee. That healee will be either one of us or another from a request. More detailed instructions will be sent to participants. Please spend 15 - 30 min setting your space prior to the call. There will a guided meditation to set things up. You may use what techniques you know or just sit as a channel. there will be a short cleanout/ separation meditation at the end. Remember when you give a healing, you receive healing.    Free, limited space, email to get the phone number and code.  We use free conference

E-Check Clinic 

Check the Calendar.  Once a month, one hour, varying focus, phone e-check clinic held to pair up psychics to exchange energy checks.  Free, limited space, email to get the phone number and code.  We use free conference

Power Meditation ~ OTO or Clairvoyant space

Check the Calendar and what training is involved.  Once a month, one hour, phone power meditation held to facilitate a group clearing and individual mockups.  Free, limited space, email to get the phone number and code.  We use free conference  Please include the Psychic Center you attended and if you took the OTO program.

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