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Graceful Awakenings

Reiki and Healing Energies

Spiritual Hands-On Healings for Body, Mind and Spirit 

    Reiki, Prana (Chi), Golden Ray, Christ Force

Feel great. Rejuvenate. 

Treat yourself to an extraordinary healing that helps unite the physical and spiritual while helping you to rediscover lost vitality and consciousness.

This facet of Graceful Awakenings provides spiritual hands-on healing to validate and heal from the body up.

Reiki~ Life force energy used for relaxation, healing, and Growth,  a type of Chi or Prana.  Sent over distance (Absentee) or in person.

Golden Ray~ Angelic energy, Clear, pointed spiritual healing and awareness. In person or distance (Absentee).

Christ force~ Powerful clearing for Karmic issues and programming, in person healing.


  • Reduce stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Achieve a deeper sense of well-being, emotional stability, and balance
  • Become empowered to attract positive changes into your life
  • Enhance other mind-body-spiritual practices 
  • Deepen your connection to universal healing energy

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The Healing

We'd like to give you an idea of what to expect and how to show up
For the healing. Please come a bit early to begin at your appointment time.

 The spiritual healing you may participate in may require
that we place our hands on your skin;  you belly, back, head, arms,
feet, hands, legs and other parts of your body that a massage
therapist may touch.  Your perianal area, genitalia, and women's
breasts are areas we will not physically touch.  

We use various traditions and channel guides to help do the work on you. 

For your healing, please follow these guidelines:

Dress comfortably. 

We suggest that you eat well and lightly the night before and day of.
No Drugs or alcohol
Prescription drugs are ok

We may use oils on you during the healing.

Please explore how you will integrate your healing.  This may include
not bathing for 24 hours after your healing; meditating; or watching
great movies.  Whatever you you do, consider eating well, drinking
water and treating yourself well for 24 hours following your healing.

Absentee Healings

Graceful Awakenings is now offering Absentee (Distant) Healings for you and your
Loved ones.

  The healings are given and
received on a spiritual level, as are all our healings, and will work
  in to you life at a pace which you are comfortable.

  If you would like to receive an absentee healing or have a
healing given to someone, contact us.  Send your name and/or the name"s" and a photo"s"
(photo not necessary but is helpful).  Include a
description of the healing desired- however general or specific.

Thank You,
The Graceful Awakenings Team 


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