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   Graceful Awakenings 

 A spiritual oasis where a soul can discover itself and its truth.  Graceful Awakenings has been dedicated to spiritual awakening, communication, healing and freedom since 1999. 

Operating from Sarasota, Florida, Graceful Awakenings offers services in person and over the phone (World Wide).

 By Appointment, We currently make home visits and over the phone.  We communicate via email most frequently and utilize the phone during the same time frame we are available for appointments. 

     We offer spiritual counseling by way of Psychic Readings, healings, classes and workshops, to facilitate your growth healing and insight.  Psychic Readings involve a reader tuning into you spiritually to see what energies are you, are around you and how they interact.  You can discover much about yourself, how events are unfolding in your life or almost anything you want to look at.  We don't tell the future but can see where you’re headed and most likely to wind up.  Readings can be healing as awareness brings light and healing to any situation.


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