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Health, Wealth, Healing, Life Changes, Love, solve a problem, to Energize, Take a Step or Just for Fun.  Whatever the reason you have for wanting a healing, go ahead and choose a healing to fit your need.  They will heal and uplift you the moment you sign up until one week after the session ends.  

Most healings are about an hour session, in person or distant.

​You may come for a healing and let us decide what might be a good healing to help or you can ask for one listed here.

Psychic Reading with Healing portion at the end.  A Clairvoyant reading and Identifying the healthy, the negative, the weak then moving and repairing at the end.

Psychic Healing,  Identifying the healthy, the negative, the weak then moving and repairing. Some reading is involved but mostly healing.

Aura healing that clears and repairs the Aura along with the chakras, grounds the spirit in the body.

Chakra Healings that clears and repairs the chakras in a more focused and deeper way than in an aura healing, grounds the spirit in the body.

Medium healings are given in a high spiritual vibration.

Channeled energy healings include Reiki, Prana (chi), Golden ray, Christ Force - See the reiki Page.  Link

House, Property, Work Place, Building Healings - Clear, Update and Set the space




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